Starting a New Business

You are about to start your own business. You may start the business from scratch, purchase a new franchise or an existing business. Starting a business that conforms to all the legal requirements is never easy thus you may need good business startup lawyers in Los Angeles to help you through the process.

The kind, cost, and complexity of the legal services depends on the kind of your business and its objected goals. You may be having a local or international view for your business. However big or small the business is a business. The following are some of the business legal services you may need for the starting and growth of the business.

Buying a Business: When buying a new franchise or an existing business, you need a lawyer to help you during the transaction. Before signing in any letter, offer or final agreement you need to have a lawyer review the transaction.

Partners: If you are planning to run the business with one or more people you need a lawyer to help you identify the possible sources of disagreement with your partner to address them on time. Partnership agreements require you to have a good relationship with the partner you plan to operate the business with. Most businesses fail due to partnership disagreement.

Business Entities:  You need to make clear whether or not you want to make your business an entity especially if you have a limited liability advantage. It is very important for you to understand different scenarios were the limited liability may not be of help and other entity information.

Commercial Leas: A commercial lease may be part of the starting or acquiring process of a business. Business location is very critical to the business, and thus it should be well secured.  Fixing the business terms, rent and the authority to sell the business and its lease are essential issues to consider. Many clients have suffered a lot of losses and headache because of operating long-term relationships with the landlord, if they happens to die.

Licensing: A license is a routine for every business.  However, there are some businesses that require extensive licensing for their operation, for example, the liquor stores, restaurant approvals by the health department among others. Other licenses include the operation clearance as a lawyer, doctor or accountant. Also, there are licenses needed to collect taxes on sales and avoiding the taxation of resold goods.

Employees and Independent Contractors: Hiring and firing of workers are likely to cause a lot of problems. The process of hiring and firing the employees should conform to both the state and federal laws. Ignorance and violation of the law have no defense. Thus knowing the law protects you from potential disasters as the business owner.

Internet Busines: You need a good business startup lawyers in Los Angeles to help you set terms and conditions to use various websites and ad addressing the URL disputes as well.

Contracts and Agreements: There are several relations agreements required by the business to all the stakeholders that are the various partners, customers, and employees.

To learn more about starting a business and legal help for a business start-up in Los Angeles don’t hesitate to contact us.