Purchase and Sale Contracts

Agreements on purchase and sale provide the legal transfer of a business ownership or part of the business assets to new owners.

A purchase and sale contract involves a seller agrees to sell a business or assets comprising of all the business owned assets to the purchaser. 

These kinds of contracts are usually used when selling goods of higher value such as machinery and equipment as well as real estate.  In most cases, the process of these sales occurs in the future or over a period.

In addition to the main sale details, price and date you require a purchase and sale agreement to guide you through the process of exchange. The agreement includes various limitations, for example, the types of damages likely to be experienced by the party. The parties state what specific performance they are allowed to do in case of default. Failure to obey the terms and agreement by one of the member parties may push the other party to seek a court intervention to force the transfer of the asset or the business. Also, the entitled parties can limit the damages outlined by the agreement. The provision of the damages can, therefore, guarantee the expectation of the party concerning the contract and proceed to deny the non-performing party bargaining benefits in the event that the conditions in the market have changed after the signing of the agreement.

One of the most common Purchases and Sale Contract involves the sale of a business entity by either asset sale or stock sale. A business stock sale involves the purchase and sale of specific entity ownership where the owners have shares or interests in the entity. There are several advantages involved in the stock sale such as tax advantages to the stock seller due to the treatment of capital gains on profits. In such a case, the buyer easily maintains valuable contracts such as leases or employment, and he encounters fewer costs of transactions since the assets remain with the company.

The sale of assets involves the selling of each asset in the business individually, and in most cases, it includes intangible assets such as intellectual rights of the property and goodwill. The sale of assets is very flexible since the involved parties are allowed to choose the specific assets sold during the transaction.

On the other hand, asset sale protects the buyer from encountering some of the contract disadvantages and obligations of the seller. The asset seller is offered better tax consequences since he or she can depreciate the asset purchased. The sale of assets is sometimes regulated by the Asset Transfer Agreement or the Asset Sale Agreement and may be against the purchase and sale agreement which governs the sale of specific assets. A purchase and sales contract lawyer in Los Angeles can guide you on the legal requirements and process of Asset Transfer Agreement. Also the attorney can represent or defend you in court in the event where the agreement proceeded to court.

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