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Employee Rights Protection: Labor Lawyers in Los Angeles

Employee rights & protection are among the core values here at Hutton Law. With years of experience in personal compensations, Hutton Law is a solution to any employment dispute. Our employment lawyers in Los Angeles have the resources and experience to handle any violation of employment rights, no matter how severe or small it might appear.

Filing for any infringement in a workplace is not as easy as many might think. It is a complicated, time-consuming, confusing and difficult to understand the process. This process requires specialized skills in investigations, negotiations, and litigation. If you have faced any harassment, discrimination in your workplace or any other form of dispute that qualifies as an employment dispute, our labor attorneys in Los Angeles will be glad to take your case.

We understand that many employment disputes might arise or you might be facing it in your workplace. They might range from major to minor misconducts. Whichever the case, we take them seriously. Our legal teams are always ready to assist in any of the following:

Sexual Harassment:
By law, employees should enjoy protection against any sexual harassment conducts, and the perpetrator stands to face jail time. Sexual harassment might arise from a hostile working environment without proper regulations. Employees might also get sexual advances from their colleagues or bosses that might put them in an uncomfortable position. There have also been cases of abuse of power and pregnancies in a workplace.

Employment Discrimination:
Every worker in an organization has a right to security. Having a work environment that discriminates employees by the color of their skin, age, gender or religion is a bad employment violation conduct.

Wrongful Termination:
Every employee has a right to enjoy their work and be shown respect and appreciation for their efforts. Wrongful terminations might arise when the employer decides to terminate the employment contract, either without legal concrete reasons or by blackmail. To protect employees, we are always ready to prove if your case qualifies as a wrongful termination.

Civil Rights Violation:
Civil rights abuses are among the most common in any workplace. Invasion of privacy qualifies as one of them. Each employee has a right to enjoy their privacy without external influences that might result in them feeling exposed and violated. Defamation and slander also form the basis of civil rights violation. Racial profiling is among the most severe cases and the most common in these lawsuits. Each employee has a right to work, and if there exists some barriers enacted intentionally to limit their job experience, then this is classified as a civil rights violation.

Whistleblower Cases:
Whistleblowers have been seen as heroes and villains. They are heroes to the people and villains to the organizations they are exposing. Some of them might face retaliation cases from these companies. If such a situation happens, then this is a standard employment violation. Even though they might not still be reporting to work, they are still legally considered as employees unless the contract was terminated by agreement.

Take Action Now:
If you feel like any of the above has happened to you, or you simply want to know more about employment violation in your workplace, you can get in touch with our employment attorney office in Los Angeles, and you will be advised accordingly. We value your rights, and we are dedicated to helping you safeguard them.