Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

Did you know that the number of motorcycle accidents in California has increased by 153 percent since 1998? This is according to the report released by the California Office of Traffic Safety. 

Looking at this information, it easier to understand why the significant rise in motorcycle accidents. An increase in traffic and a large number of roadways throughout California are among the main reasons.

What most cyclists and bikers fail to know is that negligent actions of motorists mainly cause these accidents. If you or your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact our motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles immediately for legal counsel.

The lane-splitting practice in California has been seen as a primary cause of motorcycle accidents. The biker is allowed to drive on the double yellow lane divider. This allows them to navigate and move quickly through a slow-moving traffic. Bikers cannot be entirely at fault as many drivers tend to ignore or not pay attention to lane-splitting bikers. Hence, they may accelerate when traffic begins to move and not give the motorcyclists enough time to get back in the lane.

Other than speeding vehicles, bikers are also faced with other road-related dangers. Slick roads, ice, potholes, and sometimes cracks may also pose a great risk to motorcyclists. As opposed to a vehicle that is designed to absorb the impact of a pothole, a motorcycle may become hard to stabilize once it hits a pothole or a slippery road.

Even though a motorcyclist may follow all safety precautions and protocols by wearing protective gear, he/she is still exposed to impact dangers. Unlike a motor vehicle driver who is surrounded by a protective metal cage that shields him/her from the majority of the impact, a motorcyclist’s body is fully exposed. A slippery road, pothole, or a slight fall may result in more bodily injuries compared to car drivers.

That is why the California Office of Traffic Safety showed that bikers are more prone to accident related injuries than anyone else, behind pedestrian accidents as a result of a hit and run. It highlighted the seriousness of these accidents and is working to devise new safety measures that will help reduce these accidents.

Accident related injuries from a motorcycle accident can be serious and often fatal. From traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries, these injuries may change someone’s life forever. The medical bills that are associated with these damages may leave someone in financial ruins.

At Hutton Law, we help our clients who have been involved in a motorcycle accident get enough compensation for their injuries. We understand that accidents happen and are unforeseen, but we also understand how to help you file your claim. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles are fully equipped and experienced to handle such cases. We work closely with law enforcement, experts, and witnesses to construct a strong case against the other party. Since California is one of the few states that allow more than one person to be at fault, we exhaust all options to ensure that the other party is more at fault than you.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, or you know of someone else in that situation, please get in touch with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers who will guide you through the entire legal process. We care about your wellbeing.