Los Angeles Compliance Advice and Counseling Attorney

For an organization to achieve its main goals and objectives, it is essential for all parties in the

organization to undertake their responsibilities and get involved in their assigned operations. Sometimes conflict can arise in the workplace that can escalate into lawsuits. That’s why we work with our clients within the legal framework to ensure that they are well protected from such scenarios.

At Hutton Law, we work around the clock to advise our clients on employment law and update them on any new changes they might need to know. We try to be both creative and proactive when handling our clients’ problems. We work by assessing and analyzing our clients’ undertaking so as to minimize their legal risk. We also help with crafting and formulating business solutions that ensure our clients’ achieve their goals.

We work with clients of all sizes, from emerging businesses and companies to Fortune 500 corporations. We have also helped our clients from different industries including the financial service, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, restaurant, energy, retail, telecommunication, schools, high tech, etc.

The employment relationship is made complex by the regulations that are overlapping and to some extent conflicting local, federal and state laws. As experts in the field, we use our experience and knowledge to guide our clients through the legal maze in an economical and business-focused manner. We also offer our clients with employment advice and counsel to ensure that they operate within the legal frameworks.

We have helped our clients by guiding them through any complex employment scenario that might expose them to potential risk. We have also helped them to formulate and implement workplace strategies and policies as well as train them on how to handle cases related to sexual harassment in a work environment.

Among some issues that we have helped our clients to tackle are:

  • Employee and supervisor training
  • Compliance audits
  • Compliance with local, state and federal laws
  • Preparation of affirmative plan
  • Employees’ wages and hours
  • Employment agreements
  • Leaves of absence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management policies and procedures
  • Employee mobility
  • Background checks on employees and drug tests
  • Protection of business assets and trade secrets
  • Termination decisions, performance management, and discipline of the employees
  • OFCCP compliance
  • Reduction and Reorganization in force
  • Workplace complaints and whistleblower issues

Our dedicated team of experts also keep our clients up-to-date with regular updates on any changes or special cases in the employment law. These updates ensure that our clients are safe from any employee claims.

Whether you are a small emerging business or a well-established organization, you are encouraged to seek an employment advice attorney to guide you through this complex process. At Hutton Law, we have dealt with dozens of cases, and our legal experts are always ready to take up your case anytime.

Get in touch with our Los Angeles compliance advice attorney office and let us protect your business. We offer free online and off-premises consultation. Our attorneys will prove you with all the information that you might need and advice you accordingly.