My business was facing professional malpractice claims from a customer who said they were receiving a low-quality service for a high price. They went to the extent of making fraud claims. Hutton Law was able to help us get through this dilemma and they managed to resolve the problem within a matter of 2 weeks. They saved us a tremendous amount of money.
-Henry B.
My business needed some formal employee policies out in place. Hutton Law managed to put together the perfect employee handbook. Since then, we continue to defer to Hutton Law for any of our business law needs.
-Jack J.
My business had full legal representation regarding a partnership contract with another company. Thanks to Hutton Law Offices, we had nothing to worry about since their work was so detailed.
-Susan R.
My business had an agreement with another small business but they refused to continue with the transaction. Hutton Law Offices helped us resolve the breach of solution, through mediation, that favored both parties.
-Jaime F.
Our business was experiencing a claim from an upset employee who was simply out of line and in the wrong. We have a small start-up downtown and a case of this magnitude could have had catastrophic results for the business. Thanks to Hutton Law, we managed the claim and offered a fair solution to that was in the best interest of both parties. Rebecca saved our business!
-Richard S.
There was a breach of contract agreement with product suppliers. Thanks to Hutton Law, they worked with both parties and provided a solution and helped us manage this dilemma in the most time efficient and cost effective way possible. All in all, Hutton Law saved us a lot of money.
-Jeff W.
I wasn't sure how to approach putting together this crucial and complex contract for a client of mine but thanks to Hutton Law, it was executed perfectly. Since then I continue to use them to help me by drafting and formulating employment contracts.
-Jenna F.
Thanks to Hutton Law Offices, my start up business was able to get started on the right track. They helped with formation, legal advice, and served as counsel when trying to comply with certain state and local laws.
-Troy J.
Hutton Law's services were invaluable providence necessary advice to our business regarding state compliance laws. We were unsure and very unfamiliar with California state business laws since we had just relocated from Florida. Hutton Law made everything extremely easy and seamless. They filed all necessary licenses and state paper work on our behalf and made sure all loose ends were tied. Thank you, Hutton Law!
-James E.
Hutton Law has done an exceptional job providing my business with advice and counsel. They are extremely detailed and specific when coaching us on our employment legal needs and drafting of employment agreements. They've helped us start our business on the right track from a legal standpoint, having all I's dotted and T’s crossed.
-Ben H.