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At Hutton Law, we believe that workplace harmony is key to the growth of any business. For an organization to perform well, everything must run smoothly and work together in a single yet efficient entity. That is why we take business labor and employment issues very seriously, as should you.

Over the years, we have witnessed some organizations being hit by legal action suits from their employees. Some of these lawsuits range from workplace unethical conducts to employees filing for wrongful terminations.

As your business grows, so does the number of your employees. The increase in employees can cause some discomforts and may escalate if not handled well. With a growing business, it becomes impossible for you to run it and monitor and regulate the conduct of your employees simultaneously. That is why you need professionals to help you handle these matters. We have managed to help all our clients by dealing with such situations thus allowing them to dedicate their time to running the business. Our office of business labor and employment attorneys in Los Angeles is known to help with the following cases:

General Workplace and Labor Advice:
We work with our clients and establish policies and regulations that will allow and encourage efficiency in a workplace. We help our clients to create a working environment that enhances productivity and motivates the employees while making them feel like they are part of something. We ensure that our clients are protected against liabilities emanating from violation of any applicable employee relation law. To achieve this, we offer such services as employment application preparation, evaluation forms, we review compensation and benefit formulas and personnel manuals.

Contracts and Agreements:
We help our clients draft and document all sort of agreements and contracts that might exist in your business. This includes the employment contract, arbitration agreements, contractor agreements and severance packages. The agreements might clearly state any intellectual property rights, right of termination of a contract and also show the relationship that might exist, e.g. employer-employee relation.

Wrongful Termination:
Many organizations have suffered from these lawsuits which print a bad image on their reputation. To ensure this never happens to our clients, we allocate them a team of our best attorneys who have experience in this line of work. Our team analyses the evidence produced by the plaintiff and assess whether the litigation might proceed to trial or not. In case our client sees the need to settle, they are advised on the best settlement they can make. Whether the customer wishes to proceed to trial, they are offered an affordable but yet effective defense that ensures they get the most out of the trial.

We also help our clients to handle cases like plat closure and layoffs, wage and hour, occupational safety and health, prevention and management of workplace violence as well as workplace privacy.

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