Rendering unique legal services is our consistently grown culture. We have adequately equipped ourselves in different areas of legal representation including business litigation, business services, bespoke legal services, employment and labor matters, individual employment, and advice and counsel matters.

At Hutton Law, our legal services are innovation driven. We are not the typical law office with fixed ideas. Our focus is applying the dynamism of the time for legal representation to have you covered. No matter the level of your legal need, we have something unique to give you the edge needed.

Hutton Law leaves no stone unturned to serve you in all areas of our legal services. Our objective is set on providing dynamic representation. Our team is carefully selected and qualified personnel that is ready to hold your brief and defend your cause professionally.

Why is Hutton Law different?

  • We are focused, no matter the assignment. At Hutton Law, we embark every assignment journey with victory as our destination.
  • We see your business as our business. It doesn’t matter if you are in litigation, starting a business or recruiting new employees, we will handle your assignment professionally without delay. No one has left our office dissatisfied, and we make sure you won’t be the first!
  • We are a leading Los Angeles law firm. For a labor and employment and business services attorney in Los Angeles, we are a dependable law firm with rounded top-trained personnel.
  • We have a no-obligation free legal consultation. For us at Hutton Law, your satisfaction is our business. We are happy to give you a free legal consultation to know the best course of action on your matter. Call us at 213 628 3273 to talk with our consultants now.
  • We work with respectable clients. We have a roll call of who-is-who in our clientele list. Most of our clients have not tried another law office since the first time they met us because we do not disappoint.
  • Once you are with us, your challenges become ours. We will do everything humanly possible to get thing done right! This is why at Hutton Law, we continually update our wealth of experience to meet current challenges.
  • We work across the ladder. Hutton Law works with clients across different strata societies. From individuals to businesses, we have served meritoriously for more than 40 years and it's still counting. From startups to large corporations, our services have found prominence of application in different areas of legal requirements.

Need we say more?
The depth and breadth of professionalism we have in-house is a purpose built practice for unalloyed quality assurance in legal representation. We are not the excuses oriented law firm. With our knowledge and expertise, we know what to do in every legal matter and have never failed when it matters most.

Do you need a competent legal service?
Your call is vital to us, call us now on 213 628 3273 or send an email to We offer free legal consultation without obligation. Once you talk to us, consider your matter resolved. Make the call, now!